Sunday, August 26, 2007

Strike Threatens "Dawn Treader" Schedule?

Studios stock up as contract deadlines loom

" impending labor dispute ... could devastate the local economy. [Justice League of America] is but one of many projects caught in an industry-wide scramble to assemble films that can be completed before a potential talent strike shuts down film production next summer, according to interviews with two dozen studio executives, agents, producers and screenwriters. Studio executives and producers are accelerating screenplay revisions and A-list directors are postponing editing so they can compile footage on back-to-back movies should actors swap punch lines for picket lines.


Disney is determined to wrap principal photography on its third "Narnia" film, "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader," as soon as possible, even as it completes production on the second film, "Prince Caspian." The visual effects on "Dawn Treader" would be added during any strike interruption."

**Update September 17**

NarniaWeb points out that The Silver Chair is included in the strike list.

**Update September 19**

Rather than try to cram both films in before the strike, Disney has moved Dawn Treader's shoot to after the strike.

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