Monday, September 17, 2007

First Promotional Poster Released

Disney via Cinematical has released the first promotional poster of Prince Caspian.

In the foreground, Caspian is clutching his rapier-like sword in one hand (Caspian is of the race of Telmar - the Telmarines were originally pirates in the real world, who stumbled into a portal between earth and Narnia, so their weaponry will have branched away from the one- or two-handed medieval broadswords of the first film), and the horn of Queen Susan in the other. Many have noted his somewhat shaded appearance, likening the visage to Anakin Skywalker of previous posters, which moviegoers knew as reflective of his fateful future as Darth Vader. Caspian shares no such dark future, so it's slightly puzzling as to why he is thus portrayed.

Over Caspian's shoulder is Aslan, which is actually concept art from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Having ever used to promote that film, it is now being used for Prince Caspian.

Below and to the right are the four Pevensies, one of our first official looks at them in their new outfits. Curiously, they appear in reverse order of their age. Lucy is first and foremost, with Edmund being right behind her, and then Queen Susan and Peter last of all.

Behind Caspian to the left, an army of Old Narnia stands at the ready, with the castle of Miraz in the distance.

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