Thursday, September 27, 2007

Neeson Lends Voice to Wizard of Oz

From the BBC: Neeson the great and powerful
Liam Neeson will be bringing a touch of Hollywood to the Christmas show at Belfast's Lyric Theatre, voicing the role of the Wizard of Oz.

He recorded his dialogue earlier this month in New York when he met up with the show's director Richard Croxford.

Mr Croxford said that it would be the last show in the Lyric - which is to be rebuilt - and was very nostalgic.

He said that the voice behind Aslan in the recent Narnia film "gamely" agreed to lending his vocal talents to the production.

"All you hear in the beginning in the first two scenes of Oz is this big booming voice, so you are expecting this huge big presence to come and you see this little man behind the curtain with the microphone and working the machinery - it's fantastic and to have Liam doing that voice is just amazing," Mr Croxford said.

Most of the cast has been picked but he said they were now on the lookout for the munchkins - prospective applicants please note you must be under five foot.
Now hiring hobbits, all shifts?

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