Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Zealand the New Hollywood?

From Homes Worldwide: Is New Zealand The New Hollywood?

With a flurry of new Kiwi films set to break records at the box office, tourists flock to the scenes of their favourite movies

Is New Zealand about to become the Hollywood of the South Pacific? Several new Kiwi films are about to be released in the UK, and the country is now rolling out the red carpet for foreign filmmakers. The New Zealand government recently announced an enhanced package of incentives to lure foreign filmmakers, including raising the grant to producers of big-budget films and allowing small projects to be "bundled" in order to qualify for incentives. These new films are sure to provide inspiration for aspiring filmmakers to visit the land of the long white cloud.

Peter Jackson's decisions to film key scenes from his Lord of the Rings trilogy in his native New Zealand has appeared to kick start a trent for using the country's fantastical landscapes to create spectacular special effects. Filming is underway in Auckland for the second Narnia film Prince Caspian, under the careful eye of Kiwi director Andrew Adamson. Meanwhile, Peter Jackson is working on his next project Down Under, a film adaptation of Alice seebold's Lovely Bones.

In response, more tourists visiting New Zealand are shunning the traditional attractions to seek out the sets of their favourite films and relive the movie magic. Numerous tours have sprung up offering to take visitors back to Middle Earth, with guided trips around the original sets.

This paper is either behind the times, or knows something the rest of us don't. Principle photography for Prince Caspian has already wrapped.

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