Wednesday, October 3, 2007

British Author: "The Silver Chair was my comfort book"

From The Times of London: Stories that linger a lifetime
The Silver Chair by C. S. Lewis was my “comfort” book, the story I returned to when I was down. I liked the way that Eustace and Jill weren’t quite as goody-goody as Eustace’s cousins in some of the other Narnia books. They were real children with real fears. I loved that they were given tasks and managed to mess up most of them but still triumphed. This book had a darker edge to it than any of the other Narnia books – and that appealed. When the Green Witch tried to convince Puddleglum, Eustace and Jill that there was no overworld, no sun, no Aslan, it was so menacing, yet so seductive. And Puddleglum’s physical and verbal response struck a chord. That scene told me to believe in God, myself and whatever I was doing. If others ridiculed or dismissed my efforts, then I shouldn’t let that stop me. It was a message that has stayed with me.

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